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Would You Like to Buy a US Business?

by Darron on January 18, 2017

Every day we help our E2 visa clients find successful US businesses to buy. If you need help please give us a call.  Today, we’re celebrating the success of another one of our E2 visa clients, John. You’ll find links to Johns video and our E2 visa eligibility video series below.

John had a successful career in accounting and insurance as well as experience operating his own business in Australia. After some searching John found an insurance brokerage company to buy. Under John’s leadership, his business has gone from strength to strength and now we’re exploring green card opportunities for him and his family.  How can we help you?

I often get the chance to film interviews with some of our clients and we were delighted to get this opportunity to film John. If you take the time to watch testimonial video, he really does share some valuable insights into his personal journey and provides excellent advice on how best to evaluate a business. ‘Thanks John, for being so generous to us and our readers’.
E2 visa to Green Card – whilst there is no easy transition to/from an E2 visa to a Green Card, it’s very important that we discuss options at regular intervals.  Watch John’s Video

Need Help Finding a Business?

Many of our clients have the money lined up to buy a business but due to time zone differences, some of our clients have trouble actually finding the right business. If you need help finding a business, our sister company E2 Visa Business Services LLC can help; give us a call or click on E2 Business Finder. We’re here to help you every step of the way from your first initial enquiry until you receive the keys to your business. Let’s get you started!

Once again, thank you for taking the time to review our Celebrating US Visa Success Series, we really do hope you feel inspired and motivated. We’d love to work with you and guide you through the US visa options. To get in touch please complete our enquiry form.

If you’re an existing client and would like to share your testimonial please let us know and we’ll get you featured.

E2 Visa Eligibility Video

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Would You Like to Buy a US Business? | Emigrating to The USA
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