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  • Hi! I am DV Lottery selectee, my wife is a Principal Applicant in 2017. We are going thru all procedure now. I have been in USA as a student for 4 years and at the end of 4th year I have been terminated from my school and suddenly I hired a lawyer and started to reinstate my status in 2010. But it took so long and US immigration service started searching terminated students after that I left the USA voluntarily in Dec25 2010. No deportation stamp on my passport. My question is; AM I inadmissible cos of Unlawful presence. I think I was terminated in September month in 2010 which is 3 months and it is less than 180 days and it happened 7 years ago. In the US I used have an excellent level of credit history, two credit accounts from banks (still open but blocked due to no transaction, Bank of America and CitiBnak), No Criminal Arrests which I have FBI report of no arrest with finger prints. Need your advice, please. Jurat D. Amanson 01/02/2017

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