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O-2 Visa – The Entourage Visa

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O-2 Entourage Visa For O1-B

O-2 Entourage Visa For O1-B

O-2 Visa – The Entourage Visa

O-2 Visa Editorial:

So many of our clients are leading professionals in the entertainment industry, and the work opportunities in the United States are some of the best in the world. With that in mind, our clients seek to relocate to the US to further their careers. But with each superstar, there is often a critical team working to support their endeavors, and those individuals may be eligible for an O-2 ‘Entourage’ Visa.

We welcome to our O-2 Visa Video presentation, which is designed to educate elite professionals and their support staff about the options for US immigration.

Perhaps you are a musician with a series of live performances scheduled and required specific session musicians, sound and lighting professionals and other crew members with whom you have previously worked. All of these individuals may be eligible for an O-2, allowing them to accompany the O1 to the US.  Other professionals such as actors, producers or directors (to name a few) often require their personal assistants, managers or stylists to travel with them, and the O-2 can facilitate this.

O-2 Visa Commentary:

The overall key to determine whether an O-2 visa candidate application will be successful is to make sure that they can be framed as an essential member of the production team. We have extensive experience in this area, so having a consultation with us should enable us to make a good assessment.

If the applications are being filed together, an O-1 visa holder or candidate must sponsor all O-2 visa candidates. It’s quite possible for an O-1 visa holder to lose their current O-2 and thus decide to sponsor a replacement. Therefore, O-1 visa holders can add to their entourage as required.

Please note, that many O-1 visa holders have the opportunity to qualify for the EB1 green card. If the O-1 visa holder applies for an EB1 green card and is successful, this will terminate their eligibility to continue to sponsor their O-2 visa holders, because the O-1 visa is a temporary visa, as are the O-2 visas. Thus if the O-1 visa holder were to secure a green card and become a permanent resident, US Immigration doesn’t want O-2 visa holders also acquiring permanent status. This is because that would not be fair, since O-2 visa holders are not required to show that they have an extraordinary ability, whereas O-1 visa holders do.

Ok – if you know of any O-1 visa holder that could really use your help as an O-2, and is prepared to support an application, then please contact us so we can explore this opportunity with you. Please email or call us for a free consultation and we can discuss your case and get the ball rolling.

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