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Welcome to our O1 Visa Video Presentation Series
O-1B Visa Editorial:

This video series is designed to help professionals in the Arts and Motion Pictures and entertainment industry professionals determine if they qualify for an O-1B  visa. For those professionals who work in the Sciences, Education, Business and Athletics we have a separate video series for you, so make sure you watch the video series that best fits your specialty.

The O1 visa has a number of categories for each professional to consider, and this video will provide a quick overview of the options. Once you have an idea of which categories may be applicable to you, we recommend you then watch the videos specific to those categories. This will allow you to further compare your achievements agains the requirements laid out by US immigration. When watching these videos, certainly take the time to note down which categories you are considering as well as additional questions you may have. From there, you can contact us for a free consultation where we can discuss your achievements in detail and answer any questions you may have. Working together, we can determine your  suitability for the O1 Visa.

O-1B Commentary:

One final point before we dive into this checklist is that we always encourage our visitors to review the EB1 green card for aliens of extraordinary ability video series also, because often times we find that our visitors may qualify under both visa/green card options. Again, we look forward to hearing from you. Ok – Let’s review the O1 visa checklist for entertainment professionals working in the Arts and Motion Pictures industry.

A) Nominated or Recipient of Significant Award – If you have been nominated or have received a major award such as an Academy Award, an Emmy, Grammy, or Director’s Guild Award, or any similar award in your home country, then you’re almost certain to qualify for an O1 visa without any further ado. You will not have to satisfy any other categories. We’ll prepare all of the paperwork and make the application process as smooth as possible. [More…]

It’s fair to say that since winners of major national and international awards are by definition very rare, the bulk our successful O1 visa cases are from seemingly ordinary people working at a very high level within the entertainment industry, but they have not won any major awards. Nonetheless our clients are very highly regarded by their peers as working at the very top of their field. For those aliens who have not won any major awards there are seven categories you can seek to satisfy. The goal is to satisfy three from this list of seven categories: –

1: Leading Role:

Have you played / performed as a lead or starring role in any prestigious productions or events? If you can answer ‘yes’ or ‘maybe, yes’, then please review our video specifically on this category. [More…]

2: National or International Recognition:

Do you have lots of glowing press articles written about your various performances?  These press articles must be from leading publications within the field or major popular press. [More…]

3: Key Work Behind the Scenes: Have you performed a leading or critical role behind the scenes for distinguished productions and organizations? Although written testimonials confirming your work would be helpful, if there are any articles that praised your influence and contribution in these distinguished productions, this would be fantastic. [More…]

4: A Record of Major Commercial or Critically Acclaimed Success: Have the productions you’ve starred in or worked on been commercially successful?  Did the production get rave reviews in the press?  We would also consider TV ratings and Box Office receipts if applicable.   We can also look at how you were credited in the production in the published material and titles. [More…]

5: Plaudits: This goes back to national or international recognition. In addition to possible press coverage, could you obtain letters of support from well-known critics and experts who could articulate some of the great things you’ve done in your career to date? [More…]

6: High Remuneration: Are you highly paid compared to others in your field? We have resources available that will help you make some assessments in this area. See our video on high remuneration. [More…]

7: Any Other Comparable Evidence: Given the wide variety of careers that could come under this visa type, if you’re struggling to find a third category from the six above, is there anything else of note you could think of that we might be able to use to support your case? [More…]

Ok – now that we’ve now gone through each of the qualifying O1 visa categories in summary, you should begin to have an idea as to where you might stand. You may have scored quite well but now you need to dig deeper into the categories you feel more confident in.

Our recommendation would be that you review all of the categories, even if it may seem unlikely, because you just never know for sure, you may be surprised.

When you have completed your review, please contact us for an in-depth consultation so we can decide with you how best to move your case forward.

Enjoy the series.


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