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O-1B Recognized Achievements Editorial:

The O-1B  visa category – ‘National or International Recognition for Achievements’ is the O-1B category that allows you to present any published materials about you to US Immigration.

Because this is not immediately clear from the title of the category, we should look at the precise working of the category for further guidance.

The actual official wording of this category is: – [101(a)(15)(o) and 8 CFR § Sec. 214(o)]

National or international recognition for achievements evidenced by critical reviews or other published materials by or about the individual in major newspapers, trade journals, magazines, or other publications;

Much like with the EB1 Green Card, this category provides you with the opportunity to show that you are nationally and, perhaps, even internationally known as evidenced by published materials about you. For those individuals with a significant press profile, it is important to remember that the materials we submit must recognize your achievements in your area of expertise.  For example, many actors and actress will have spreads in magazines that showcase photographs of them without any meaningful text. While this evidence can be used to support your case, it is not sufficient for this category.

Below are some examples of press that have successfully be used to support an O-1B application:

▪    Press publicity about a nomination or award receipt

▪    Press about you being selected to be the spokesperson

▪    Press about an outstanding performance at an event or production

It’s certainly worth repeating – at the end of the day the press coverage must specifically address your achievements and success.

As further guidance, the points below are often indicators of press that is not particularly helpful for an O-1B visa application for this category: –

▪    Press that references you in general

▪    Press that talks about your work but is not focused on you

▪    Press that talks about you being an up and coming person or rising star

▪    Press that references you in passing and is not really about you specifically.

In truth, every leading person will have a mixture of good and bad press. Our job is to go through all of your press and determine how best we can use what we have to best effect. If it’s negative or unhelpful, we’ll leave it out. If it’s insufficient, we’ll encourage and direct you as to how to get more and better press coverage.

O-1B Recognized Achievements Commentary:

We win O-1B visas consistently because we’re able to work objectively and very closely with our clients to shape the kind of case that meets all of the regulatory and statutory requirements. We also make sure that the case is crafted to appeal to the USCIS O1 visa adjudicator. You should know that no O-1B visa is really that easy, you have to be prepared to do a significant amount of work to prove you satisfy the criteria, unless you’ve won a really outstanding award such as an Oscar, Olympic Gold Medal, or similar honor. These candidates by definition are extremely rare. For many highly acclaimed professionals, such honors may have eluded them for now, but they are nevertheless working at the highest levels of their profession and worthy of O-1B status.

For now, as you consider each of these options your goal should be to make notes as to what evidence you might be able to gather. You do not have to have the evidence ready today, you just need to know that you could gather or provide the type of evidence Immigration is looking for, then we can work together to narrowly define precisely what we need from you.

I hope you found this presentation not only informative but inspirational too. Our goal is to inspire our clients into action and continued success. Take some time to review our testimonials, we’re looking forward to adding many more, maybe yours will be featured there too one day, so you can be an inspiration to others. We’ll be waiting for your call. In the next presentation, we’re going to review the ‘Leading, Starring or Critical Role within an Organization’ category.

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