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O-1A Visa –
Science, Education, Business and Athletics
Major Internationally Recognized Award 


For those individuals who have received an major internationally recognized award, and have job offer, you can likely qualify quite easily for an O-1A visa.

In this presentation, we’re going to focus on the O-1A visa category – Have you won a major internationally recognized award. The actual official wording of this category is: –

A) Recipient of a major internationally recognized award, such as a Nobel Prize

The O-1A visa, like the EB1 Green Card,  is designed for aliens who have risen to the very top of their field – and have the evidence to prove it. Those individuals who have been honored with an internationally recognized and significant award, which could include a Pulitzer Prize, MacArthur Fellowship, Bancroft prize, Nobel Prize, or any similar award in your home country will almost certainly be able to secure an O-1A visa based on the award alone. We can help prepare all of the paperwork and make the application process as smooth as possible.


The O-1A visa is very much a temporary visa and whilst this is great for many of our clients, most of our clients really want to be able to settle permanently in the US and would prefer a green card. The EB1-1 green card like the O-1A visa is based on a finding of extraordinary ability and in this category where an alien has won any major internationally recognized award such as the ones outlined here they would not only qualify for an O-1A visa, but they would also qualify for an EB1-1 green card if they wanted one.

For aliens working in Science, Education, Business or Athletics the O-1A visa standards in this category appear to be higher than for aliens working in the Arts and Motion Picture industry. For Arts and Motion Picture aliens, if they are nominated for an Academy Award, an Emmy, Grammy, or Director’s Guild Award or any similar award in their home country then they will almost certainly qualify for an O-1B visa without any further ado. However, if they wanted to then go for their EB1-1 green card a nomination alone would not be sufficient. Therefore, it’s reasonable to conclude that the standards in this category for aliens working in Science, Education, Business or Athletics are on the same level as the EB1-1 green card for this category.

In the next presentation, we’re going to review the ‘Membership’ category. Once again, we’re so delighted that you found us and hope you enjoy our O-1A visa presentation series. When you’re ready, please email or call us for a free consultation and we can discuss your case and get the ball rolling.


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