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Part 6 – Intra-Company Transfer L-1A and L-1B Visas Editorial:

To finish up this series we will provide you with more information about the this application, which includes Blanket Petitions, Visa Renewals, and visas for your spouse and children. Making the move to the United States is no small undertaking, and a number of considerations need to be make. Employees and employers must be armed with as much knowledge as possible to ensure a smooth transition.

Before we jump into our discussion of blanket petitions, we want to provide you some background on how a visa application is submitted. When you make any kind of visa application they are called ‘petitions’.  The petition will consist of an application form and will be supported with a bundle of documents corroborating main claims in the application. These documents can range from financial information to show the financial strength of the company, to individual résumés outlining the credentials of the intra-company transferee. The skill involved in putting together just the right combination of documents and then arguing the overall merits of the case successfully is what we do as lawyers on behalf of our clients.

Part 6 – Intra-Company Transfer L-1A and L-1B Visas Commentary:

Blanket Petitions

Where an employer has three or more overseas branches (outside of the US), the employer may apply for a blanket petition. Companies with three or more overseas offices are likely to be very large companies, in numerical size and in financial strength, and therefore US Immigration, (having accepted one case with the utmost scrutiny), will not want to invest that time repeating the process over and over where a large company has a steady movement of intra-company transferees. Therefore, USCIS will grant the company a blanket petition to cover subsequent transferees. The level of documentation required for these subsequent transferees is substantially reduced and, as an added bonus, the one-year rule is reduced to only six months.

Visa Renewals

For the L-1A transferee, these visas are usually granted for three years initially, followed by two 2-year extensions. However, the maximum time a transferee can stay on an L-1A visa is seven years.  For the L-1B transferee, these visas are typically granted for three years initially, followed by one 2-year extension. The maximum time a transferee can stay on an L-1B visa is five years.

Spouse and Children

Spouses can apply for a work permit and take up employment anywhere, although children cannot. This is a very important issue if you have children entering with you, or they are well into their teens. When we look at immigration, we look at the needs of the whole family to make sure everyone’s needs are catered for. To ignore those issues will only create a lot of frustration down the road that could, if not resolved, undermine the whole family’s ability to settle in the US.

We’re Here for You

Our office will diligently guide you through the entire documentation production process, in addition to preparing your entire visa application package. When the package is ready for signing, you will be given the opportunity to review and revise your package before final signature.

Once in the US, you can again retain my office to make any separate employment authorization application for your spouse, if applicable, to your case.

Bearing the above in mind, we look forward to working on your case.  Please do contact this office if you have any questions or would like to move forward with an application.

When you’re ready, please email or call us for a consultation and we’ll go from there.

Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

Immigration Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram

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