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So You Want to Know How to Get a Green Gard

Most people have heard of a green card but probably don’t realise there are many different types. Two of the most common are EB1 and O1. Some people start out on an EB1 visa because it’s generally easier to get. Later they convert to an O1 green card. We can help you with either pat and once we know enough about your situation and needs we can advise you how to prepare the best case to get a green card.

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Your O1 to EB1 GREEN CARD Case Editorial:

In working with clients across various disciplines, including those in the financial, IT and business industries, we can often see a great deal of potential in candidates. With our expertise in preparing EB1 Green Cards and our dedication to helping as many people as possible achieve their American Dream we’ve decided to launch our own EB1 Green Card Academy. On this page we answer that burning question of how to get a green card.

The EB1 Green Card Academy

Our Academy is a great option for those clients who are quickly working up the ladder and within a year or two – with the right guidance – may be able to qualify for the EB1. By working together, we can take the time to develop these professionals into strong EB1 candidates.

We have built our business on working with individuals who are already at the EB1 level and can document their achievements. While this has worked great, we have also seen many good candidates who, with our coaching and mentoring, could reach the EB1 level. Thus, we have launched the EB1 Academy to work with individuals in developing the appropriate evidence and achievements required to secure an EB1 Green Card.

The American Dream is Alive and Well

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The Aims of the EB1 Green Card Academy

Building Your Case Commentary:

In order to qualify for an EB1 green card you have to demonstrate that you can satisfy three of the categories below.

If you have a one-time achievement (that is, a major, internationally recognized award), then its game over, you win, let’s go get your green card. Alternatively, the same is equally true if you can satisfy at least three of the following: –

  1. National Award
  2. Invited Membership
  3. Published Material About You
  4. Judging
  5. Innovation
  6. Scholarly Articles
  7. Exhibitions or Showcases
  8. Leading /Critical Role
  9. High Salary
  10. Commercial Success

281 - Business 122x122Truth is, many top professionals never pursued these categories per se because they were naturally advancing through their careers doing very well and so never thought about picking up for example, Judging opportunities, or writing articles for tech magazines or never pursued getting into various prestigious invitation only professional memberships.

So perhaps people like you are great at your job but as far as proving it in order to get an EB1 green card, you simply do not have the evidence. We can certainly help.

We’ll Be Your EB1 Coach

311 - Business Teaching - Re-Cropped_edited-1So our plan is quite simple. We want to work with you over a period of up to two years ( in many cases it could be a matter of a few months) to guide you and help you achieve the categories you need to qualify for an EB1 green card.

What we’ll do is this, we’ll assess precisely where you are in your career and make a determination as whether you qualify for even one category, then we’ll lay out some options as to what categories, given your particular career, would be best to pursue. We’ll then give you detailed assignments as to what you need to do to prepare for that category and then we’ll check in with you periodically to see how your plans are going, all the time mentoring you along the way.

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By investing this time on you we firmly believe we can play our part in helping the US get the best and brightest from around the world to work to contribute their talents into growing the US economy. We certainly do not want to lose you to other countries who compete against us.

Self-Sponsorship – You’re in Charge

The great thing about the EB1 Green Card is the fact that you do not need to be sponsored by a US employer, the entire case is based on proving to US Immigration that you are indeed an alien of extraordinary ability who has risen to the very top of their field. How “top of field” is defined is highly subjective, it’s all about providing enough evidence and presenting it in the most positive light to meet three of the categories above.

Give us a Call Today!

There is lots more about our EB1 Green Card Academy we want to share with you. We look forward to hearing your story and of course reading over career highlights and resumé. So, how soon do you want your green card ? Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity for you and your family.  Remember, with an EB1 green card you do not need a US sponsor, or any sponsor. So if you wanted to do your own thing, you would be completely free to do so.

We’re very excited about this opportunity. We want to create a pipeline of successful EB1 clients like the ones in our success stories Approvals Gallery.

Celebrating success

Call Now For your Free Consultation

This is a new and exciting development for us so see how many clients we can bring on, coach and work with to qualify for the EB1 green card. So if you really have the American Dream to come and work in the US with a green card in your hand (and the hands of your family) and be in a position to pick the job you want like any other American, this is your chance. Let’s do it together. Call or complete our inquiry form today!

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Some Possible Steps and Advice on How to Get a Green Card

There are many ways to obtain green card status. Below are some of the options to consider and some further advice. We also clear up some misunderstandings about what green card status really means.

Many people think that a green card lasts for life. However, this is not so. A green card needs to be renewed every ten years. Form I-90 is the application to renew/replace. The confusion arises because the photo ID says Permanent Resident Card. You would naturally assume that you have that green card for life. It simply means for ten years you have a permanent residency right in the U.S. DO remember though that a green card can be revoked if you are involved in criminal activity or other actions that the authorities believe are grounds to deport you.

1. If you are under 16 years old you can be adopted by an American family.
2. As a parent of a citizen who is over 21.
3. By marriage to a U.S. citizen.
4. If you are unmarried and are under 21 and you are related to a U.S. citizen.
5. Each year the U.S. has a green card lottery. This is not generally available to citizens of the UK. There is a caveat but it’s very limited. You need to have a spouse born in a country on the eligibility list, or have parents who are from an eligible country and were not in the UK at the time of your birth.
6. You can apply for a green card if you are bringing substantial money in to the country.
7. If you are a doctor, broadcaster, work for an international organisation or fit the preferred category you can apply through the EB1 green card process.
8. If you are a qualified nurse or physical therapist and have a job offer from a medical centre or a registered hospital you can apply for the EB1 green card.
9. If you are highly talented in the sciences, the arts, business or athletics you may be eligible. You must have outstanding talent or have achieved international recognition. U.S. immigration calls this aliens with extraordinary ability.
10. You need to be without any black marks on your record. Anything that points towards you being a problem to society will go against you.

The American Dream is Alive and Well

If You Can Satisfy 3 EB1 Green Card Categories
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