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EB1 Green Card – National Awards

EB1 Green Card – National Awards Editorial:

In the previous presentation we focused on the major international awards, such as an Oscar or Nobel Prize, but many individuals have won lesser international or national awards. In this presentation, we will focus on EB1 green card category Lesser International or National Awards Winners.

The actual official wording of the category is: –

(i) Documentation of the alien’s receipt of lesser nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence in the field of endeavor;

This category makes a specific distinction between what might be called a Major Internationally recognized award and other international or national awards. The prestige of international awards will need to be evaluated to determine which category is appropriate. By presenting a case based on both a Major Internationally recognized award and three additional categories, we have a higher assurance of victory. It is difficult to determine what the opinion of any given Immigration officer will be, but by providing US Immigration with a comprehensive body of evidence in three categories, we have maintained a very high percentage of our cases approved.

It is important for EB1 candidates to find the right firm to partner with in preparing their EB1 Green Card. Our clients have told us stories where other lawyers have opted not to pursue EB1 Green Cards with them, but after turning to us, they were able to secure a green card. The Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram understands that winning EB1 cases is all about hard work and confidence. By working with us, we are truly partnering with our clients, often working them to the bone in an effort secure immigration’s ultimate prize – an EB1 Green Card. US Immigration will only issue these green cards when they are fully convinced of the clients’ qualifications, so we have to put the work in.

EB1 Green Card – National Awards Commentary:

Many of our clients have won some kind of award over the course of their career. If we can do a detailed work up as to how prestigious this award is and show how widely the award is regarded, it just might be that US Immigration accept this accomplishment as either a major award or lesser award; either way we get this category satisfied.

Many industries have annual national award ceremonies. We’re not talking about a company’s own internal staff award or a single university’s ‘best dissertation award’. We’re talking about an award where others may compete nationally or internationally to win. It is sometimes the case that an award might at first glance seem to be a national award, but may raise to the level of having international recognition and, if so, this could significantly bolster the case.

In order for us to consider your award, you’ll need to find out as much as you can about the award (internet information will do, initially), and send us an outline about the award so that we can make a quick EB1 green card assessment.

For EB1 green card consideration, the award can be for anything within your profession as long as we can legitimately present it to US Immigration as being nationally recognized. So whether it is a Gold Medal in sports, media or medicine makes no difference. If you’ve won it, then US Immigration cannot argue that you did not deserve it. Indeed that’s the whole point of having this category; it takes out all the guesswork of an immigration officer trying to determine the extent of the alien’s abilities. In other words if a distinguished organization has chosen you as being the best, then that’s good enough for US Immigration.

In many competitions, multiple awards are given out, such as first, second and third prize, in our opinion only winning the first prize would definitely put you in EB1 green card contention.

Many award ceremonies have various category of awards – as long as you win your category this should be fine, even winning in an age category, within reason such as an under 21 or best under 30 can also satisfy this category. We have represented several clients who had won age-based categories awarded EB1 green card status.

Being nominated for a prize is certainly interesting, but it’s not the same as walking away with an actual prize even if it is a runner-up prize; this having been said, being nominated for a major internationally recognized award may have generated you a lot of press publicity and press publicity is one of the ten EB1 green card categories you could satisfy just from the publicity garnered from your nomination. A nomination is also very useful objective evidence of you being at the very top of your profession.

Putting an EB1 green card case together is sometimes like digging for buried treasure. If you have had a long illustrious career it’s amazing how many things you may have done in your career that have been forgotten. Take some time and really examine your history to see if at any time you have been recognized on a national or international level.

We hope you enjoyed this in depth presentation on the (i) National Award category. In the next presentation we’ll examine the (ii) Invited Membership category.

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