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EB1 Green Card – (viii) Leading or Critical Role Editorial:

One of the most common categories that our EB1 candidates satisfy is the Leading or Critical Role category.

This presentation focuses on this category, and the distinction between Leading and Critical, and how you can look back over your career to satisfy this category.

The actual official wording of this category is:

(viii) Evidence that the alien has performed in a leading or critical role for organizations or establishments that have a distinguished reputation;

Our interpretation of the category and its requirements are re-phrased as follows:

(viii) Leading/Critical Role – Could you provide or develop documentation to show that you have performed a leading or critical role for organizations or establishments that have a distinguished reputation?

As noted above, EB1 green card applicants often share the common attribute of playing leading or critical roles in various organizations. It is very unusual for us to put together an EB1 green card case together without the ‘Leading and Critical Role’ category being included.

This category can span the various industries, from IT to oil and gas to the entertainment field. In almost every case, we can identify ways in which the EB1 Green Card candidate was either leading or critical (or both) to a particular organization.

Ok – let’s talk about the EB1 green card ‘Leading Role’ and the EB1 green card ‘Critical Role’.

EB1 Green Card – (viii) Leading or Critical Role Commentary:

EB1 Green Card Leading Role:

Look at your career to date and see what types of leading roles you’ve had. For example, have you lead a team, project managed, directed or been responsible for the performance of other people in your organization? EB1 green card adjudicators are looking for examples where your leadership has played an important part of the organization’s function. We work with many EB1 green card clients who are senior managers in the corporate world, who run important departments and whose leadership skills are counted on daily. We have worked with EB1 green card candidates who were brought in to various companies to trouble shoot their problems and resolve them. We’ve also worked with EB1 green card candidates who were brought in to help a particular company select the right candidate for a very technical role.

EB1 Green Card Critical Role:

There is no hard and fast rule to decide whether a role is leading or critical, but there are some differences we can discuss here. Let’s take the film industry, for example, and look at the awards that are given out each year – “And best costume designer goes to…” “And best sound effects goes to… “And best score goes to…” – all of these roles and many more could be considered as critical roles, so much so, that special industry awards are given in recognition of their critical value to the overall project. Not all awards events recognize the same talents. For example, the Screen Actors Guild Awards recognize stunt teams, but the Oscars do not. Set designers, make up artists, photographers, models and so many others, play a leading or critical role in various projects.

In the sciences, the same principles apply. We take a comprehensive look at the work that the alien has done and make an assessment to see how best to craft their profile to fit the statutory requirements, that is, as to whether the role performed was leading and/or critical to the overall success of the company. Each case is unique as everyone’s journey to the top is unique. Sometimes the biggest obstacle is the client’s own self-disbelief that they truly qualify. Only an experienced EB1 green card Immigration attorney is best placed to make that determination.

We will tell you whether you qualify or whether you almost qualify within any given EB1 green card category, and then we’ll work with you so that everything is documented to the standards required by US Immigration.

Distinguished Organizations:

It is also very important for any leading or critical role being considered within this category of the EB1 green card, that the organization has a great reputation in the field and be regarded as quite distinguished.

We hope you have enjoyed this in depth presentation on the (viii) ‘Leading and Critical Role’ category.

In the next presentation, we’ll examine the (ix) ‘High Pay’ category.

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