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EB1 – Intern to GRAMMY Winner – Part 3

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The American Dream is Alive and Well

Grammy Winner Isabelle Editorial: Isabelle started her career in music working for superstar Gnarls Barkley, using her social media and marketing talents to position Gnarls Barkley’s album for a Grammy Award. As the primary marketing manager for the album, Isabelle was also honored with a Grammy Award. Isabelle’s creative talents and never-stop drive led her to a successful career right out of the gate. In working together, Isabelle persevered through a tough application process that ultimately ended with the top prize – a green card.

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EB1 Green Card Success: – Working for your EB1 green card is also hard work, you have to gather evidence, call in favors, scrape and beg until you get what you need to win your case. An EB1 green card is the ultimate immigration honor because its recognition that you have reached the very top in your profession. Well, the same attributes that got you to the top of your profession will be what attributes and skills that will be required to win your case. A green card is for life. All you have to do is not leave the US for more than a year in one go without first letting USCIS know by way of obtaining a Travel Document. After Five years in green card status you can apply for US Citizenship, then you can apply for an American Passport and most of all you will be eligible to vote in any election. You cannot vote in the US unless you have US Citizenship. Most countries allow you to have dual citizenship with America and your home country.

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