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EB1 – Intern to GRAMMY Winner – Part 2

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Isabelle’s Grammy Success Leads To EB1 Green Card

Grammy Winner Isabelle Editorial

Isabelle started her career in music working for superstar Gnarls Barkley, using her social media and marketing talents to position Gnarls Barkley’s album for a Grammy Award. As the primary marketing manager for the album, Isabelle was also honored with a Grammy Award. Isabelle’s creative talents and never-stop drive led her to a successful career right out of the gate. In working together, Isabelle persevered through a tough application process that ultimately ended with the top prize – a green card.

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EB1 Green Card Success

‘Think Like a Boss Even If You’re an Intern’, who thinks like this? I guess winners do. Most people even as interns just work their set hours and maybe go through the motions just to get something on their résumé, but not Isabelle. Isabelle took her opportunity like a lifeline and she was not letting go. As her company downsized she made sure that she was not one of the employees that would be let go, why was that? Isabelle had made herself indispensible to the company and multiple promotions followed and when success came to the agency she was there at the finish to collect her GRAMMY. Wow!!!!!!!!!! I guess there is a lesson there somewhere for us all. If we strive to do our very best with every opportunity given to us you never know what our efforts will bring to us. I’ve been building this website for more than ten years adding new content. I can’t wait until we win another case so I can share this success to our readers. I’ll never get to the point of contentment and stop trying. No way.

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