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EB1 Green Card Success Story

by Darron on December 21, 2016

We absolutely love winning cases and then celebrating them with our clients. Winning a case for an individual or family means everything to us. For our clients, success means the beginning of a whole new life in America. We invite our clients to share and celebrate their success in the form of a testimonial so that together we can inspire all those looking to take the plunge. Also, our existing clients currently going through the process will also be motivated to keep up the great work they are doing with us so that one day they too can join our Hall of Fame. We hope you enjoy receiving these testimonials, as these are just the start of the very long list.

EB1 Green Card - Audrey Media ConsultantMedia Consultant: Audrey’s Green Card Story

Audrey is proof that talent runs in the family. Audrey came to us after being referred by her daughter, Kim, who was happily settled in the US after we secured her EB1 Green Card. With an extensive career that included decades of work with the Hallmark Channel and Bloomberg, Audrey was a clear EB1 Green Card candidate, but we tasked her with a number of items to secure, including published materials. Audrey was a champion client, and she was able to get herself published, further proving that her talent is second to none. Audrey tells us about her journey in this video… View Video Here.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to review our Celebrating US Visa Success Series, we really do hope you feel inspired and motivated. We’d love to work with you and guide you as your US Visa options. To get in touch please complete our inquiry form.

If you’re an existing client and would like to share your testimonial please let us know and we’ll get you featured.

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