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EB1 Category – Exhibitions and Showcases Editorial:

Many EB1 candidates are working in field that can be considered artistic, such as fashion design, dancing, film production or the music industry, and in these cases US Immigration offers a category for Exhibitions or Showcases of artistic talents.

This video presentation focuses on the EB1 green card category of ‘Exhibitions and Showcases’.

The actual official wording of the category is:

(vii) Evidence of the display of the alien’s work in the field at artistic exhibitions or showcases;

Though this category seems straightforward, you would want to consider the following question to help determine if this category is appropriate for you: –

(vii) Exhibitions or Showcases – Could you provide or develop documentation to show your work has been displayed in distinguished artistic exhibitions or showcases?

Artistic exhibitions and showcases can take many forms across the various industries, and we have successfully presented this category for fashion designers who have showcased their work at fashion shows; filmmakers whose films were screened at film festivals; musicians and dancers performing live; and photographers whose work has been displayed, to name a few.  We even had a client who restored hot rod 1940s vintage cars and these were exhibited in various museums around the world.

The key to this category is the word ‘artistic’ as the category will not necessarily apply to every candidate. For example, an app designer who presents his design at a technology conference will have technically showcased his work, but US Immigration will not consider this an artistic venue.

EB1 Category – Exhibitions and Showcases Commentary:

It is perhaps worth noting that the exhibition or showcase must be of your work. Using a fashion show as an illustration, if you did the make up for a leading model or the lighting for a show, or you provided the sound or security, then these roles would be considered as secondary and not suitable within this category. Such activities may be critical responsibilities to the success of the show and may be recognized as such in the (viii) ‘Leading or Critical Role’ category of the EB1 green card, but not the ‘Exhibition and Showcase’ category.

For this EB1 category the primary purpose of the event must be to view your work. Thus, for a stage play it would be the lead actors on stage that the crowd came to see.

In order to satisfy US Immigration in this particular EB1 green card category, the setting of the display must be distinguished.  For example, if we were talking about a stage play, then the location of the play would need to be at some prestigious theatre with a great history where many leading and well-known actors had graced the stage. Your role in the display must be central to the display itself. For example, you might have played a leading, co-starring or ensemble role. The press may also have written articles about your performance by way of published reviews. Of course, we’d need to see copies of the brochure or program of the play/show itself, as this would corroborate your role prominently as a leading participant. It would be a collection of these elements that would be key indicators to the EB1 green card adjudicator as to whether the exhibition or showcase was of a significant level to be regarded as being evidence of extraordinary ability.

A fashion designer whose work is showcased on the catwalk of a major national or international fashion show would also need to submit a variety of corroborating evidence as to the nature of the showcase to highlight the prestige of the event. It may be that many celebrities were in attendance as well as other leaders within the fashion world, and this would be included as supporting evidence. Remember, the EB1 green card adjudicator did not attend the show, so we need to bring the showcase to the adjudicator, as it were.

Think about how we could tell the story as to how your work came to be exhibited. How were you selected? What was the selection protocol? Was the event well publicized in the press?

The ‘Exhibition and Showcase’ EB1 green card category is perhaps the most understated category and should not be underestimated. However, if you have had your work exhibited or showcased at a distinguished venue, with a lot of fanfare and press, then this category is well worth including on your list of possible EB1 green card categories. Many of our clients who had have successful exhibitions and showcases find that they are able to satisfy several other EB1 green card categories as a natural consequence.  For example, the exhibition or showcase may have been (i) award winning, and there may have been great press or (iii) publicity about you and the event may have been (x) commercially successful, if the exhibition or showcase was in the performing arts.

We hope you have enjoyed this in depth presentation on the (vii) ‘Exhibitions and Showcases’ category.

In the next presentation, we’ll examine the (viii) ‘Leading and Critical Role’ category.

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