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EB1 David’s Motorbike QuickShifter

EB1 - David, Design Engineer

EB1 – David, Design Engineer

Hello, I’m David and I’m a Product Manager within my own company based in the United Kingdom.  My wife and I started our company some 15 years ago and have been able to realize some reasonable success as we have moved forward over the years.  Our company designs and produces specialized automotive components, which we bring to market through various channels, retail, dealership, distribution and OEM market segments.  I’m the Lead Designer and also Production Manager for our small range of products.

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David’s Job is to design products that make racing motorbikes go even faster – How cool is that.

I’ve never had the opportunity to live in the US but my wife did enjoy an extended period of time in Florida when she was attending college.   For me it’s been a lifelong ambition to end up in the US, particularly Southwest Florida where we have visited many times, it’s the dream and hopefully one day it will become reality for us. This particular VISA did throw up some considerable challenges, however with the advice from the paralegals at Chris’s office it turned out to be quite straightforward but comprehensive, it’s definitely a challenge!

Well, it’s a funny situation really as I didn’t even know of this type of VISA. I’d previously seen two separate US Lawyers and spent quite a lot of time working on preparing paperwork for alternative visas, it’s only by chance that I found Chris Ingram and his team. Once I’d spent a little time speaking with Attorney Chris M. Ingram it was determined that there might be an alternative route to acquiring a VISA, the EB1 VISA. It was to my surprise that this particular EB1 green card option hadn’t been mentioned to me before when it seemed such an obvious choice for Chris and his team.

If you fit the bill for this EB1 VISA then you’ll already have all the information you need, collecting, formatting and uploading the information was the tricky part.  I have to say `giving up’ never crossed my mind but I did enter into this process with an open minded view of achieving success, I was pleasantly surprised at the final outcome.

I received excellent service from Attorney Chris M. Ingram and his team.  It was so unusual to have a law firm call when they said they would call, if there was a delay then a colleague would call ahead to say there was a 7 minute delay with the phone call, “standby” they’d say and then they would call, promptly.  The level of service was very unexpected and greatly appreciated, especially when navigating this exciting lifestyle dependant adventure.

Getting the News - Ah, well, I was working as usual, it was late in the day and the phone call was a surprise, I knew it was Lindsey one of Chris’s colleagues, remembering that I entered this whole procedure with a little doubt about the outcome I automatically assumed it was bad news from Lindsey, however it turned out to be fantastic news, I still can’t quite believe it, when I see the stamp in the passport it will really sink in, then we’ll celebrate.

Well for us it’s still a daunting process, we have a business to transfer, new friends to make, continuation of education for the children.  I think once we are settled into our new home and we have started our `new life’ so to speak we’ll then be able to realise the fantastic opportunities that we hope will present themselves to us and to be able to enjoy the possibilities for personal growth for the children and perhaps we can all look forward to a more relaxing future, that’s the plan.

I feel this particular VISA does provide wonderful opportunities, if you are already in the process of an application then go for it, stretch yourself to `go above and beyond’ the requirements and with Chris and his team holding your hand every step of the way you’ll find success, Good luck!

Triumph Motorcycle Featuring the Quickshifter Designed by the Petitioner and Manufactured by the Petitioner’s Company Translogic


We did it!  Well done everyone! 

The queue outside the embassy was around 45minutes long.  Once inside the first `registration’ took 20 minutes.  Then a further 20 minute wait for the actual interview.  We were surprised by the interview in that it took place at a little reception window. 

The interview part probably took 10 minutes in total.  7 minutes of which was finger printing, confirming addresses etc. raising our right hands and swearing to tell the truth, it was all fine!  Only 3 minutes were devoted to actual questions regarding the business and more specifically me.  The chap wanted to know details about why I’m special.  Being modest I struggled a little and it threw me a little but he only asked a couple of questions which took a further 3 minutes.  All done, you are approved!


So, the passports should be back with us in 5-7 days.  

You know, I still don’t think it’s sunk in, even now, it’s all a day dream, I can’t believe it!

Guess I need to take you to dinner then!

Thanks for everything!

EB1 Green card Success: David called me to discuss relocating to the US so he could launch his acclaimed Quickshifter technology to the US market. I have to admit I had no idea what a Quickshifter was. At first I considered maybe the E2 investment visa would be the ticket, this way he could spend money opening a production company and create some US jobs in the process.

However, the more David told me about his Quickshifter technology and how it electronically makes racing motorcycles go even faster by enabling them to shift through their gears more efficiently I began to consider him as potentially being an alien of extraordinary ability.

My instincts were right and before the conversation ended I was convinced David had a great case, more than David could appreciate. We worked up his case for a couple of months and sure enough his case was approved within days. Many of my EB1 green card clients are far too modest to consider themselves as being aliens of extraordinary ability. I get a real buzz from discovering them. Please review our EB1 videos and if you get the spark that you just might have a case please give me a call on 310 496 4292 Today.



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