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Your Successful EB-1 Green Card Starts Here

The EB-1 Green Card is for those who have reached the highest level in their field. It’s an Employment-based First Preference Immigration petition (EB-1) only available to most accomplished in their field.

There are three main types of EB visa, The EB-1A, the EB-1B and the EB-1C. Each of these is aimed at specific fields of excellence.

  • EB-1A for Aliens of Extraordinary Ability
  • EB-1B for Outstanding Researchers or Professors
  • EB-1C for Managers and Executives

Should you qualify for the EB-1 petition you do not need to meet the Labor Certification requirement for the green card eb-1 process. You may also submit other petitions in parallel with your EB visa application. So you could apply for the National Interest Waiver (NIW) pending an Eb1 decision. The Labor Certification process is in place to protect American workers with suitable qualifications. Even if a US worker only meets a minimum standard they will take precedence over an Alien who could be more qualified and skilled. However, a permanent offer of employment is mot required for the EB1 process, so you will not need to worry about this, usually costly additional stage.


EB Visa Petition Options

EB1A applicants do not need any prove that they have a U.S. employer but will need to satisfy Immigration that they will continue to work within their field of extraordinary ability. They may file their own petition. For EB-1B and EB-1C applicants, you will require an offer of employment and the company must petition on your behalf. This is the main difference between the EB-1A and the other two visas.

You will find further information and videos on the EB-1 visa process by following the links below or on the side of this page. If there is anything you can’t find or you just have questions please contact us using the inquiry form.

Video – Introduction to the EB1 Process

Video – The Check List


EB1 - Green Card - Checklist Summary

EB1 – Green Card – Checklist Summary

EB1 - One Time International Award

EB1 – One Time International Award

EB1 - Visa Award Nomination or Win

EB1 – National / International Award

EB1 - Invited Memberships

EB1 – Invited Memberships

EB1 - Publications About You

EB1 – Published Articles About You

EB1 - Participation on Judging Panel

EB1 – Participation on Judging Panel

EB1 - Innovation or Invention

EB1 – Major Contribution / Innovation

EB1 - Published Scholarly Articles

EB1 – Published Scholarly Articles

EB1 - Exhibitions and Showcases

EB1 – Showcases and Exhibitions

EB1 - Leading or Critical Role

EB1 – Leading or Critical Roles

EB1 - High Salary or Remuneration

EB1 – High Salary or Remuneration

EB1 - Commercial Success in Arts

EB1 – Commercial Success in Arts


Our Video Series

We’ve put together a series of EB1 videos explaining the process as well as some successful case studies. We hope that you find these both useful and inspirational. We understand that finding the right Attorney to handle your visa petition is an important decision. As immigrants ourselves we’ve been through the process so we feel that we will be able to guide you from a unique perspective and our first-hand experience of the hurdles you need to navigate. For us, your success is personal and we hope this comes across in the many stories (videos) we have from previous clients.