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Chris M. Ingram, ESQ – Immigrants vs. Travel Ban

by Law Offices of Chris M. Ingram on March 7, 2017

Immigrants vs. Trump's Travel Ban

Immigrants vs. Trump’s Travel Ban

It’s clear that President Trump’s tone even before taking office has been less than welcoming towards the rest of the world. We might be focused on the travel ban right now, but there is a message of ‘America first’ that implies that Americans should be in some ways anti-anything or anyone that is ‘non-American’. Let’s run through a few of these themes, consider their implications and perhaps gain perspective as to how we, as aliens, should respond.

America has been a major magnet to other countries around the world. America is a very young country, only 241 years old – (1776 Declaration of Independence to 2017). For example, in England where I’m from, many people have homes that are older than America, let alone many UK buildings and churches that go back many centuries. So many people from around the world, have seen America as a place to have a fresh start, a land of opportunity.

Immigrants Will Make America Great Again

Immigrants Will Make America Great Again

Early immigrants to the US had opportunities in building America’s infrastructure, roads and railroads, construction, agriculture, factories and commerce. Because America was so young it needed to build everything from scratch. Therefore, for many years (indeed decades), America has been desperate for workers to come to the US. Being an immigrant was a proud thing because it showed that you had the courage to leave where you were and put your life towards building America, the ‘New World’.

Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit, Turkish

Alexis Ohanian, Co-Founder of Reddit – Turkey

US immigrants, for the most part have always had it very tough. It’s never been easy to uproot yourself from all that you know (and sometimes love) to start over in a new country. In many cases, immigrants would have never been to the US before. Just the reputation of America being ‘the land of the free and home of the brave’ was enough of a hope that millions of immigrants made the long journey to America. If the journey was not hard enough, once they arrived they had to find somewhere to live, find a job, learn the language and go after the America Dream of ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ (from the Declaration of Independence).

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin - Russian Immigrant

Google Co-Founder Sergey Brin – Russia

Let’s fast-forward to modern times, every immigrant arriving in the US today made a tremendous sacrifice to get to the US, and like many immigrants before them have to find somewhere to live, find a job, learn the language and assimilate. Only the bravest people will do whatever it takes to come to America, which is why when they arrive they are highly driven people, they have to justify to themselves, their family and extended family that it was worth the sacrifice.

Microsoft CEO - Satya Nadella - Born, India

Microsoft CEO – Satya Nadella – India

Immigrants are four times more likely to become millionaires than Americans. Moreover, according to census data from 1980 to 2010 immigrants commit 50% – 75% less crime than their American-born counter parts. With each wave of new immigrants to America, we get a new wave of fired up and highly motivated, fiercely patriotic workforce that wants to build up America.

Tesla and Space-X Founder - Elon Musk, Born South Africa

Tesla and Space-X Founder – Elon Musk – South Africa

Immigrants have always been slighted, subject to bigotry and discrimination by a few ignorant Americans, but the vast majority of Americans are the most generous and supportive people you will ever meet. Why? Because Americans have this, ‘we’re all on this together’ attitude, and it’s this willingness to support each other, especially in times of difficulties that’s one of the beauties of America. Most Americans have your back no matter what color, religion, or country of origin. You see it every day all around you. Sure, not everyone is good, American or immigrant, but the vast majority are. Sadly, what often gets reported is only the bad.

Steve Job's biological father Adulfattah "John" Jandali, Syrian

Steve Job’s biological father – Adulfattah “John” Jandali – Syria

To modern would-be immigrants, America is losing its shine and its appeal, because most Europeans have an excellent quality of life in Europe. Asians, especially the highly educated, also have an excellent quality of life, same for many parts of the world. We cannot afford to make them feel less welcome, otherwise they will simply not come. Millions of American jobs depend on tourism to the US and since talk of the travel ban emerged, the New York Times reported that according to the app ‘Hopper’ interest in traveling to the US has dropped 17%.

Wolfgang Puck, Restaurateur, Austrian

Wolfgang Puck, Restaurateur – Austria

According to the Pew Research Center as at 2010, there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, about 23% of the global population. Millions of Muslims visit the US each year to go to Disney World, Universal Studios, and many of the US attractions. If we send the message that Muslims should be banned or are otherwise not welcome, not only will they stop coming in the same numbers, but tourism from countries we’d not expect will also fall. Remember, Muslims can be British, Canadian, French, Dutch, as well as being Pakistani or Iranian, just in the same way Christians can be British, Canadian, etc, as well as being Pakistani or Iranian.

Joni MItchell, Singer Song Writer, Canadian

Joni Mitchell, Singer Song Writer – Canada

Muslims and Christians have shared citizenship since these religions were founded. According to the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) recent study, the origin of extremists and the threats to America published March 2017 found that country of citizenship was an unreliable indicator as to whether there was a greater risk. Indeed, the DHS reported on another study with a finding that the bulk of extremists who committed crimes in the US came to the US often as children, and become radicalized in the US. Most European countries will attest to the exact same thing for their citizens who find themselves leaving to join terrorist organizations.

Madeleine Albright, First Female Secretary of State, Czechoslovakia

Madeleine Albright, First Female Secretary of State – Czechoslovakia

Here is my main message, immigrants have always had to overcome obstacles, the more obstacles and setbacks they face pursuing their American Dream, they harder they will work when they get here. Immigrants, by definition are resilient, who have a destiny to thrive and prosper. America was founded by immigrants, for immigrants and as a result America has the largest economy in the world.

Joseph Pulitzer, inspired the creation of the Pulitzer Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism, Hungarian

Joseph Pulitzer, inspired the creation of the Pulitzer Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Journalism – Hungary

Any travel ban should be regarded by immigrants as a bump in the road. The travel ban is purely a political stunt to signal a sector of the American public that Trump is serious about keeping America safe. It’s just unfortunate that a travel ban does not make America safer according to the Department of Homeland Security and numerous government officials with expertise in this field.

Ang Lee, Oscar Winning Director (Life of Pi), Taiwanese

Ang Lee, Oscar Winning Director (Life of Pi) – Taiwan

One final word – President Trump represents only President Trump. The vast majority of Americans are welcoming of immigrants and go out of their way to support them. If this were not so many immigrants would simply return home, but they do not. You only have to see the tears at the various US Citizenship ceremonies and be moved by how welcomed these immigrants, now Americans feel.

Manjul Bhargava, Winner of the Fields Medal for Mathematics, Canadian

Manjul Bhargava, Winner of the Fields Medal for Mathematics – Canada

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