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Anna Talks About Confidence – Part 3

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The American Dream is Alive and Well

Hollywood Makeup Artist Anna Editorial: As a child, Anna spent a good deal of time with family in the United States, so much so that it became like a second home to her. The US was where Anna felt she belonged, so when she decided to make the move with her husband, they purchased a business and secured an E2 visa. When lucrative work opportunities came up, Anna knew it was time to secure the family’s future in the US. Anna turned to us for solutions, and Chris Ingram immediately saw the possibility for an EB1 green card. Now, Anna and her family no longer have the stress of renewing their visa, and they can happily pursue their careers without restriction.

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Anna 3EB1 Green Card Success – Lets talk about confidence. As a highly successful specialist you’ve got to have a certainly amount of confidence. We cannot win any EB1 green card application unless we can demonstrate that the applicant is easily amongst the best in the business. The second key to success is working with a law firm that absolutely believes in you as being a worthy EB1 candidate. It’s extremely important to us that we never take on any EB1 case we think we might not win. Our reputation thrives on our wins and vice versa so we’re very picky whom we take on as clients. However, once we take you on we are absolutely dedicated to winning so you need to be prepared to do the work necessary so that we can achieve this goal. Some clients feel that just paying the attorney fees is enough, in truth the fees are secondary, we have to win the case and you hold all of your information so that needs to be sought out and come to us so we can work our magic. EB1 cases are very much a collaborative effort.

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